Cairo , Egypt
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Full day to Oasis of Fayoum

Early morning move from hotel by an air-conditioned coach to Oasis of Fayoum.  The distance is 105 km and takes about 90 minutes. 
Fayoum is a small town in the southwest of Cairo, which has a rich historical background of ancient civilization.

We start our tour visiting:
Lake of Qaroon, which covers an area of 200 km2 and is ideal for fishing, duck shooting and rowing. The duck flocks to it, escaping from the cold European climate.
Water-Wheels: There are about 200 of them, which are used to draw underground water and irrigate agricultural lands.
Ein Selleen, This small village has beautiful scenarios, lush greenery, thermal water and a new hotel. Archaeological sites the Pyramid of Amenemhat III, one of the kings of the 12th dynasty that dates from the 19th  century BC about 14 km from Fayoum.
In the village of Lahoum situated the pyramid of Senousert II from the 12th dynasty.
In the afternoon drive back to Cairo.

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