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Half day excursion to the Pyramids of Giza

Drive to Giza by one of our air-conditioned coaches to visit the most famous structure in the world was built by King Cheops (IV dynasty) around 2650 B.C. on an area of 13 acres. Its height now is 137 m (originally, it was 146 m). Almost 2.5 million blocks of stone were put into building this pyramid, which measure 230 m square at the base. Close to the eastern flank of the Pyramid of Cheops lay three small pyramids dedicated either pyramids to his wives or family members.

The second pyramid and its Valley Temple are belonging to the king Chephren. The mysterious Sphinx which represents the king with a lion body and a human face is guarding the area. Penetrating into the interior of the great pyramid of Cheops is allowed.
Visit one of the papyrus galleries located in pyramids area.
Drive back to hotel.

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