Petra Day Tour from Sharm El Sheikh

Immerse yourself in the allure of Petra with our day tour from Sharm El Sheikh. Explore the Rose City, renowned for its captivating stone carvings and archaeological wonders. Witness the ancient Nabatean museum, ride on horseback, marvel at the Roman Theater, and discover the Rainbow Tombs and the Canyon. Departing every Wednesday and Saturday, our […]

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Luxor Day Trip: Fly into Ancient Splendors from Sharm El Sheikh

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Luxor with our captivating day trip from Sharm El Sheikh. Soar into the ancient splendors of this historic city with a swift 50-minute flight, exploring both the East and West banks. Depart in the early morning, flying from Sharm to Luxor, where your expert guide awaits you at Luxor […]

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Mt. Moses and St. Catherine Tour

Experience the magic of dawn on Mt. Moses with our Sinai Sunrise tour. Embark on a night journey to the majestic mountains of Sinai in St. Catherine from Sharm El Sheikh. Begin the ascent before daybreak, following in the footsteps of Moses who received the Ten Commandments atop this sacred peak. After reaching the summit, […]

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